I know I skipped a few months, but I really wanted to post this. Funny thing is it was suppose to be done for August so since then I’ve purchased a few of these products lol.

P.S. Here’s my awesome secret for shopping some things from Mod Cloth.  Find an item that you really like (doesn’t usually work for clothes) and search Ebay for it. I’ve mentioned the Pocket Watches before but a lot of the things Mod Cloth carries individual stores or sellers post on Ebay at a much cheaper price. It’s always worth a shot! I just got the most beautiful scarf about $12 (not even counting the cost of how much shipping would have been) cheaper then Mod Cloth was selling it. YAY for Ebay!

What have you been dreaming about?

  1. Keds Celeb Geo Sneakers (Keds) $55(USD)
  2. FINTIE (Newspaper Design) 360 Rotating Synthetic Leather Stand Case Cover for Google Nexus 7 (Amazon) I purchased it for $5.99 (USD) it also has the sleep/wake feature.

  3. Google Nexus 7 Tablet (MacMall) 16GB $248.99 (USD) I purchased this at MacMall instead of Google because of the Price. I would have wound up only getting the 8GB from Google because of tax and shipping. 
  4. Animal Print Surplice Dress (Forever21- Teal) $22.80 (USD)
  5. Birdcage LuLu Guinness Bubble Dome Umbrella (Ebay/ModCloth) Prices vary
  6. Brooklyn Women’s Bag : Flora (Ogio) $40.00 (USD)
  7. Day-Timer Distressed Vinyl Zipper Organizer (Amazon) $19.88 (USD)
  8. Keds A-Line Ankle Wrap (6pm) $42.00 (USD)
  9. Silicone Wrist Band Flash Drives (Pexagon) $13.64 (USD)
This scarf didn’t fit into my list up top but I found it on ModCloth and was in love. I purchased it on Ebay at a steal! I love the owl on the scarf. It almost reminds me of my GeekOwl.com Owl!