Just a word to the wise, I took a lot of photos! 😀

So I actually got some of this stuff a few weeks ago and kept putting off the post for one reason or another but this shirt I actually had on in one of my videos. I love this mint color for spring, not short of the fact that Green and Teal in general are my favorite colors. But anyway, I got this at Forever 21+, we have one at Franklin Mills in Philadelphia. The price of the shirt if I recall was between $15-$20. The only problem I have with it is that it needs to be hand washed but hey, I’ll suffer for this shirt because it’s one of my new favorite pieces of clothing.

The next lovely item that I got was new shoes! Now I’m strange and I never liked open toe shoes but I decided this summer I was going to try something new and I saw these shoes in JCpenney (Also at Franklin Mills) and I couldn’t pass them up, they are amazingly comfortable and went great with a pair of jeans. I’m actually going to be wearing them this Saturday for a Graduate’s Breakfast that I’m both Hosting and apart of, super nervous about if the Graduates will like everything!

I have such a bad tendency to start rambling about other things lol back to the item. I paid, I believe, $29.95 for them and they are by Studio Paolo to be honest I know barely anything about brands so forgive me I have no idea who this is but these shoes are very VERY comfy so Kudos to the designer.
I love LOVE love the bow on the front of them.

Next, I went to Bath and Body Works and unfortunately the one I went to is an outlet, which is great for holiday sales but they don’t always carry every scent and the scent that I went in there for (White Citrus) they didn’t have at the time so I wound up getting two small things A set of lip treatments that were $8.00 for all five, these were from Christmas but since it was an outlet they are on sale and discounted. I also got a small candle since I’ve never used one from Bath and Body Works. I paid for the tiny candle and then they gave me the glass candle holder for free which I thought was nice even though I didn’t need it, but I brought it to my boyfriends house because it smells yummy and it was only a $1.00. I really enjoy the lip products I like the tingle.

I got two necklaces from Lane Bryant. They are absolutely lovely necklaces but I think I’m going to have to fix them to be smaller because Lane Bryant is generally for the bigger girl and all my chub chub is in the arms and tummy area so it hangs a little too long on me but no problems. These go for about $22-$24 each but I got the buy one get one sale so I paid $24 for both so basically $12 each which wasn’t too bad since these are gorgeous!

I realized that I’m kind of jumping around in this post but I’ll get to everything. I suppose I’ll show the two sets of bracelets that I got from Forever21.


Both sets were only $1.80 a piece and very simple designs but a cute pop of texture or color. Usually I go for peachy colors or purples but it seems i’m really into the blues and greens this spring.
Then we are going to hop back to the JCpenney stuff and I have three dresses from there two of which I was present for buying the third my mother actually picked it up for me while I was away visiting my boyfriend for the weekend.  This first one I just picked up on a whim, I never expect these things to fit me especially from the juniors department, I haven’t had any of them fit me since I was about 17 years old. But I was feeling good about me loosing weight and decided I’d at least give it a shot. The Dress not only fit me it covered my boobs too! (Which practically is my biggest challenge). While it has a very summer feel to it, it also has a lot more primary colors to it  though it still manages to look soft by the cut and flow of the dress it’s self. It was $30.00 in juniors the brand is called olsenboye and it is from the vintage Paris collection or is it called Vintage Paris…. I dunno I’m assuming it was a collection since I saw it on a few different tags.


The Next Dress I will be wearing for my Graduation (Yep, under my Gown) its super comfy and cotton. It was by Speechless and for some reason I keep thinking it was $30 but it was only $20. It ties around the back and has pockets… (almost every dress I get has pockets) It’s a off white color on top, black band and tie off in the back and the bottom half is gray. Pair this with some professional looking heels and I think I’m good to go.
The Last dress is by Corey P. and this is the one my mother bought on her own. She didn’t know my size (since I keep losing weight) and wasn’t sure how well I’d like it. Turns out I LOVE the dress and I can’t wait to wear this Saturday with my shoes. She paid $35 for this dress making it the most expensive one out of this haul but still a very reasonable price! I love the dress and the belt is adorable. I honestly would have never thought to mix the two patterns but it works well. Just like the other dress this one has pockets. I love LOVE love this dress as my boyfriend would say, well then why don’t you marry it?… MAYBE I WILL! 😛
The only problem I have with these dresses is that my arms will be out and seeing that I’m a bigger girl that is a self-conscious problem for me. I was thinking maybe I can get a black and a cream colored half sweater and wear that with it but I’m not sure. I’ll just have to suck it up!
Last but not least I have two more items, one is a purse and one is a wallet.
The purse I actually found at JCpenney when I purchased the dresses but I didn’t want to spend an additional $40 that day so I passed on it hoping that it would be there when I came back. Well… over the weekend my boyfriend took me to the JCpenney that is near where he lives (which took forever to get there lol I’m so use to the city it isn’t even funny.) Unfortunately they didn’t have the style in the purse that I wanted, luckily he mentioned that there was a Boscov’s not that far and I found it there and for two dollars cheaper then JCpenney’s had it! Uber win!! Plus I realized when I actually got back home that it matched perfectly with the shoes that I’ll be wearing Saturday. YAY!
The Wallet was actually purchased at Marshalls when I got my TheBalm products (post link) but I wanted to put it in this haul and leave the TheBalm as it’s own thing.
Like everything I paid for from Marshalls that day the wallet was $9.99 and while it may not be a Ralph Lauren product or affiliated product it still looks super cute and I have gotten compliments on it 🙂 I had my other wallet for over a year I think so it’s about time I upgraded.
I’m super excited about this summer, and I have been actively losing weight so I’m feeling great and happy for once about summer. (P90 <3) It’s really amazing how working out can make you feel and I have so much more energy then I use to and for me that means I can accomplish more and do more and that just makes me super happy. This year my “resolution” to myself was to get happy. Not that I wasn’t before but I wanted to really do what would make me happy. It’s been much more difficult then I thought to let go of things but ultimately it makes me feel better…. haha this is a whole post to it’s self … SEE I RAMBLE A LOT 🙂
Let me know if you’d like me to do a outfit of the day with anything from this post 🙂
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