So I finally got all of my pocket watch necklaces in the mail. I ordered three of them from three different sellers via What prompted me to check ebay was I adore modcloth. Almost everything they sell. However, most of their stuff that I like is out of budget for me or better yet, out of my comfort zone. The pocket watch they sell which looks similar to the one that I got goes for $27.00 not including shipping. I bought a very similar one if not the same for $5.35 with free shipping.

The seller for the silver vintage looking pocket watch is warmest999 of This was also the quickest shipping. This is by far my favorite one, mostly because I was lusting over it for so long on the modcloth website before I thought to check ebay lol.

Love the face of the watch, I’m going to purchase a large bronzed one with a similar face. It looks so elegant and classic. Feel like I’m going back in time.

The second one is black and very sleek looking. It cost $4.49 including the price of shipping. I love the white hands. I purchased it from ebay user connysgallery.

I feel like I can get away with this wearing almost anything as long as it is simple. It’s so sleek it just gives a little polish to whatever I’m wearing, even just a t-shirt and jeans.

The final one I got from ebay user ashopone it’s much smaller then the other two but just as cute. It cost $3.50 and it’s bronze. This one I tend to wear wrapped twice because it is much lighter then the other too and because the face is smaller I want it to be closer to my face. I like wearing this so far with some spring vintage colored clothing. Peaches and Mint green colors it looks amazing with. 

Ever buy jewelry or fashion items off ebay?