Yeah, I’m a book worm.
So on a totally unrelated topic from beauty. I read these books, The Hunger Games Trilogy last weekend. The books are a quick, fun read I decided to read one a day. I even read them through my excessively hectic schedule that was last week.

 I’ve seen these books for a long time in bookstores but the front of the book never enticed me to read it. I simply thought it was some real life survival book. Which to be totally honest I don’t tend to lean towards those types of books. However, pure fantasy these books are awesome.

I can’t believe it took until me seeing the trailer to realize what these books are but hey, better late then never I suppose. So if you are a big reader and are looking for something different to read I would recommend these to you. There’s some romance, some battles pretty much a little for everyone. I just recommended it to my step mother yesterday and she’s picking up a book.

Figured it would be a good idea to share. If you still aren’t sure, like I was visit There is sample chapters you can read to help you decided but seriously, you should!


Read any amazing books lately?