Fearlesscon is awesome Ladybosses drive your goals at fearlesscon, it’s just around the corner! The weekend is full of fun festivities and workshops starts Friday October 13th (Yes they dare). If you think of yourself as a lady boss, a gal with a side hustle or just want to network with some super cool, amazingly talented women this event is definitely worth being on your radar. The founder of the event is an incredible go getter, goal oriented person with a passion for inspiring others. She was the genius behind the former hive co-op and social event location in Philly. BE AMBITIOUS, BE EXTRAORDINARY, BE FEARLESS Some basics about fearlesscon This event is officially hosted by Femme & Fortune. A company that has since morphed from a digital platform to the now added full service creative agency. Fearlesscon was a way for Femme & Fortune to inspire the Β local community…