I picked up this little brow gem at our local Kohl’s. I also picked up their retractable lip brush because. I can never have enough lip brushes. First let me say, I love that this was a combo of both tweezers and assorted applicators. With the brow set you get the travel carrier and 5 items. 2 tweezers for various precision (angled tweezers and detailing tweezers), one slanted smudger (arch definer), one slanted angled liner brush (or brow brush), and a slanted spoolie.

So first, you’ll notice these brushes are uniquely placed on a slant that I found to allow me to get closer to my mirror because I have terrible vision without my glasses.

Second, I really like this carrier however I really wish it wasn’t white because I just don’t see it staying white. So not only does this keep these brushes easily accessible on my makeup tower but I can also use this to dry the brushes more quickly when they are wet. Also you can bend it so that it is essentially is a brush stand aiding in ease of use.

So the second item that I purchased was the retractable lip brush. I love lip brushes that have caps because it allows me to have lip precision, in my purse. So you can either pull the metal part up to set it down or you can add the cap on it to fully protect putting it away and not getting lipstick all over the place or in your purse (YUCK).

All in all I am pretty stoked with this purchase. Check back in a few months when I update how they hold up to frequent wash and wear.