Along with the ColourPop eye shadows I purchased [see the ColourPop eye shadow review] I got a set of lippie stix. Firstly, might I say the lip sticks smell so darn good, sweet like ice cream cake, I’m in love!

Similar to the eye shadow I found the price to be pretty accurate/low for the product. I enjoyed the crème lipsticks the best but the matte were also interesting; they have the typical wear of lipstick with more application control. I even found them somewhat moisturizing. The packaging was cute and sleek.

I appreciate that the color is on the bottom of the lipstick and this particular set had a variety of matte, pearl and crème. The shade plastics was probably the only one which I was disappointed with.

What I loved about this set was that it was only $20 USD and I was very surprised to see it came in a hard box with a mirror as well as magnetized closing. I actually removed the insert that was holding the lipsticks in place and now am able to store all of the items I purchased from ColourPop, so far anyway.








Like it or Lose it
PRODUCT : 10/10
TEXTURE : 8/10
PRICE : 10/10


Overall I would say I would purchase again, I may not however, pick a set with so many matte lipsticks but rather crème lipsticks. Also, while I enjoy these I feel like they are on par with many others you could get at the drugstore so if you shop at a drugstore which sells ColourPop i’d reach for these however, if you don’t I wouldn’t specifically order these online unless ordering some of their other products as well. IE the shadows.