As you probably know when I typically go to review a company producing eye shadows I try to look for stand out items. I do this partly because I don’t need 30 of almost the same shade and partly because I want to experience the range of the company to see if I would purchase again.

Here I purchased 6 shadows in various shades at a net weight of 2.1g each cost me $5.00USD. Only snap dragon was a matte shade the rest were either metallic or had either some form of glitter/pearl to them. Telepathy somewhat reminded me of a trophy wife by Glamour doll eyes. I had a few posts on a few years ago using trophy wife.

I’ve taken a snapshot of the swatches I did, one swatch each without any type of base or primer. They are extremely pigmented. The shadows are very silky to the touch and blend easily. So far from using these there is little fall out. However, I also had some trouble picking up the product with certain brushes. These would actually work really well with the foam applicators you typically get with drugstore palettes. I’ve only worn them with an eye primer and they have lasted all day however I am not sure how they hold up without primer.



Like it or Lose it
PRODUCT : 10/10
TEXTURE : 10/10
PRICE : 10/10


Overall I would say I am highly satisfied for the price. I think the packaging is very cute though I am not a fan of having to twist the individual shadows open. I wish there was another way to secure the top. The pans pop out quite easily to be put in a Z palette but be aware these shadows are somewhat moist so they will likely dry out. If you have some other setup that will retain moisture go for it. Otherwise the packaging is really cute.