So I’m pretty darn sure it’s
been a few years since I last shared my skincare routine (face) and to be
honest it usually doesn’t change much but for some reason the last month or so
I’ve been breaking out like crazy. (I’ve had pretty good skin my whole life and
I’m freaking out) There is one product missing from this and that is my BodyShop Tea Tree oil. I feel like the Tea Tree oil stops the blemish in its tracks
and minimizes it. While the Clean and Clear spot treatment does the deep dirty
work. Both work wonderfully on my sensitive, dry skin (Although I really don’t
like the smell of the Tea Tree oil).
Depending on the day I switch
between the Pore refining cleaner and the facial scrub. They both have their
unique perks but I have to be super careful about over-drying, over-stripping
my skin while still handling my pores as well as slopping off dead skin and
that is where the lovely honey and oats face mask comes in. It makes my skin
smooth, hydrates and helps any dry patches.
The eye roller is simply to
avoid my late night computer addicted eye puffs. I also occasionally use toner
which isn’t up because it well, it just isn’t used daily or even weekly sometimes.
I’m loving the new serum I’ve
got from Clarins, smells great and I can instantly feel it working on my skin
and I can absolutely tell when I didn’t put it on that day. I top off my skin
with a moisturizer. The Body Shop is so far the only facial lotion I can
purchase that I don’t have to reapply repeatedly to maintain my dry skin. I use
the two interchangeably depending on the weather. I also like using the intense
vitamin E lotion for nights when my skin just will not cooperate.

What skin care are you loving for this transitioning season?