I was recently approached to
try out a teeth whitening product by Smile Brilliant. Now a few things to keep
in mind, I haven’t had my teeth professionally whitened since I was about 13
years old. My teeth are not naturally white. I was told they are naturally
ivory when I was young which means they can never be stark white (to my dismay).

Also be aware that I am still
gradually using this product, until quite honestly I stop seeing improvements.
One pen lasts 5 to 8 applications (4 ml of 22% carbamide peroxide bleaching gel)
and I’ve opted for longer application times (2 1/2 hours). The results are truly brilliant. I
didn’t realize how yellow my smile had really become, considering I am not a
smoker or coffee drinker but after just the first application I saw a drastic
difference in my smile. I would absolutely recommend this product to all of you and have since 
mentioned it to a number of my friends.If you’re in the market for a good, pain free whitening product this may be the perfect item for you. (Plus it isn’t hard on your wallet either!)

In case you were wondering how silly you look with the tray in your mouth here’s a sneak peek. 


During my experience I did
experience very mild sensitivity (my front four teeth are broken) because of
this I spanned out my trials a bit more than I would have first thought.
However, it was in no way a big discomfort. If you are afraid of sensitivity
you can of course utilize their sensitivity product to avoid these issues. So not only did they send me a
set to try they are going to send one to one of my lucky subscribers to
brighten their smile as well!


You can learn about the
different types of teeth whitening and how this product will work for you via
the How
does Teeth Whitening work link

Some things to keep in mind
before deciding to use the product:

Teeth whitening will NOT
alter the natural color of your teeth. So why use it then? The tooth is
composed of 2 main visible components:

– Enamel
– Dentin

Enamel is a clear and hard
protective coating that rest on top of the dentin which is a soft bone like
tissue. Everyone’s enamel is clear and collects tough to remove stains over
time however not everyone’s dentin is naturally bright white. Some are fortunate
to have naturally bright white dentin while others have an off white or in rare
cases a yellow colored dentin. Teeth whitening will only remove the stains from
the enamel thus revealing the true color of your dentin.

Gel Ingredients:

Glycerin 77.1% | Carbamide
Peroxide 22% | Carbomer 0.5% | Menthol 0.2% | EDTA 0.2%

If you are pregnant or nursing
consult your doctor, you must be 18 or with the consent of your parent to use
the product, if you have uncapped cavities consult your doctor before using the
product as it could cause severe discomfort the average shelf life of your pen
is 2 years if refrigerated, 1 year at room temperature. If you did not have your teeth whitened prior to having
dental work (crowns, veneers, fillings, etc) then it’s likely your natural
teeth and the dental work will be two different shades of white after your treatments.

*Keep in mind you only need the LED light in your mouth for about 20-40 minutes. 

Now that all of the specifics
are out of the way on to the giveaway!

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Like it or Lose it
PRODUCT : 10/10
TEXTURE : 10/10


Love this product to pieces. It’s fantastic, after 5 tries my teeth look so much better, I’m smiling more, and I still plan on doing two more tries to get optimal whitening out of my pen. I think it’s marketed at a good price, minimum sensitivity from someone who has broken teeth. I absolutely recommend anyone who is looking to whiten their teeth to give this brand a try. You’ll be truly surprised by your results.