The average woman applies as many as 515 chemicals in her daily grooming and makeup routine which can potentially be harmful to humans, animals and the environment. Psst, nail polish is one of the worst! (Opt for a water-based version like HoneyBeeGardens) We have to remember that our skin is an organ and to protect it we must be aware of the products we are applying to it.

  1. The most obvious one, purchase less. The less of a carbon foot-print you have the better.
  2. Another pretty simple one, purchase recyclable product packaging. Check for the three arrow recycling symbol
  3. Create home-made beauty remedy products to supplement some of the ones you use to purchase (nice on the bank too!) There are a number of benefits to this including knowing exactly what is going into your product and using your own reusable containers to cut down on disposable packaging.
  4. Opt for products from companies with sustainable, organic practices. Not only will you get healthier products your money will support the development of more eco-friendly products.
  5. Don’t fall into the trap of packaging ploys. Some companies purposely design their packaging to look more eco-friendly but actually aren’t. Always be sure to read the ingredients label. You should know what you are putting on your body.
  6. Buy larger sized products when you need them. Ultimately this will use less packaging and decrease your carbon footprint.

Some pretty awesome Eco-friendly products:

What are your eco-friendly tips?