Into brights or pearl shadow looks? This look might be the look for you from our St Patrick’s Day 2014 Series!

How to get this look:

  1. I primed my eyes with NYX HD eyeshadow primer
  2. thin layer of white base (NYX) to really help the colors pop
  3. Coastal Scents pencil in Emerald to help the crease color pop (be careful not to put too much on especially if you have oily eyes)
  4. Applied Coastal Scents Smokey Palette color four from left top row. (Pearly lime color)
  5. I used a Kelly green in the crease and blended that up
  6. I then went back in with a darker green with a golden sheen at the crease to give it more dimension, you could use a hunter green, brown or even black depending on what you own (there are a number of options in this palette)
  7. I used white as my highlight color both for the brow and inner eye, but feel free to use a shade lighter than your skin color. (I was going for dramatic)
  8. I used black eye liner to create an almost cat look to the eye but without winging the liner
  9. Bring that same black down to the waterline as well (be aware if you have small eyes this will make them appear smaller)
  10. Bring the Kelly green color down under the eye 2/3 of the eye and the remainder inner go back with the lime color
  11. Curl lashes and apply mascara
Be sure to clean up any fall out that may be on your face, you really don’t want to walk around with green tinted skin. Well unless you are going for the wicked look.

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