So just as I did for Valentine’s Day I am going to do a few St Patrick’s day looks. Over the last year I’ve strayed away from making makeup posts because honestly, there are just so many out there and I want CrashBeauty to me more than just about makeup because I am more than just makeup. But I miss my posts so I will be making more series for the blog in addition to other content. I will not likely do tutorials on how to do the look unless someone writes in the comment that they would like a visual tutorial.
I confess I was watching Oz the great and powerful on HBO over the weekend with the boyfriend and my heart longed for the Theodora palette that I just couldn’t ever justified spending my poor college student budget on. Ultimately that was the inspiration for this look even though I didn’t know it would be on HBO!
Here is how to get this look:
  1. Apply eye primer
  2. Apply base if you prefer a bolder look (NYX jumbo pencil in milk works great) I applied Make Up Forever Aqua cream in shade 52 which is a mermaid looking green
  3. Apply lid color, I used Fiji Mermaid from Glamour Doll Eyes be sure not to extend into crease
  4. Apply crease color, I chose a chocolate brown (brownstone) by Coastal Scents
  5. Apply brightening color to the inner eye, I used Vanilla skyby Coastal Scent but you could use any lighter shade, like a pale green or purple or a warmer, light shade or honestly you could use white as well.
  6. Don’t forget to add some brightening or transition color above the crease to blend it out
  7. Apply black eye liner to the lash line to make your lashes appear thicker, extend it to the end of the eye and bring it down to the lower lash line (and/or waterline), I put it on my water line. If you apply to your lash line be sure to smudge it out for a softer look
  8. Bring down the crease color 2/3 of the lash line and the remaining inner lash line use the brightening color
  9. Curl and apply mascara (I used and was running out of my Almay get up and grow in blackest black)
  10. I used a mixture of Brownstone and Midnight Rodeo from coastal scents for my brows
  11. I also brightened under my eye with some concealer that is a shade lighter than my skin

What kind of St Patrick’s day look would you like to see?

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