Hey girls,

Here is another Valentine’s Day eye with a completely bright look. The lid has bright, hot pink faded out with a nice almost muted plumy mauve shade. Again, I won’t be listing the products. Make it your own and experiment with colors. (TIP: first check color pairs on the back of your hand.)

  1. Prep eyes with an eye primer
  2. To really brighten the lid shade I used a white base on the lid. Be careful not to bring it up to the crease as it might… crease later in the day and not look quite so appealing. Also don’t over apply. What I do is add some right to the middle of my eye and then spread it out with a small concealer brush.
  3. Apply your lid color. Use a tissue under your eye to catch any fall out if needed. (You can also do a gradient effect where a light or white color is on the inner part of the lid faded out to a bright pink)
  4. Apply your crease shade and shape with crease definer brush (I use my Nanshy Eye brush set)
  5. Blend out (up) your crease shade
  6. Use a shadow that is at least one shade lighter than your skin above the crease shade to the brow
  7. Bring down the crease shade to the lower lash line to soften up the look you can also add some more pink to the lower lash line but keep it soft
  8. Use a flesh toned eye shadow to do any line cleanups 
  9. Apply your eye liner (I did a small tapered wing  for crisp lines use a liquid liner )
  10. Line the lower rim of your eye with a nude or white color to make the eye appear larger
  11. Curl lashes and apply mascara
Feel free to ask any questions in the comments about how to achieve this look if you have any difficulty.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another Valentine’s Day look!