So I heard that iridescent shadows are somewhat of a trend for spring. Why not jump start the season (before the season haha) with a simple nude V-day look you can make your own?!
You can really make this look as bold or as natural depending on the crease shade and the eyeliner you go with. For a more natural look, go with a smudged liner that isn’t very thick but still provides the appearance of volume. Otherwise do it up with a bold liner, here I used a brown aqua liner from Make Up For Ever but you really can use any type.
  1. Apply your eye primer
  2. Choose a nude shade that is a little lighter than your skin tone to brighten the look and make you look more awake for the lid. (If you prefer a sultrier look choose a shade deeper but remember to brighten the inner eye. Also use a deeper crease shade)
  3. Shape and apply your crease shade
  4. Blend out (and up) the crease shade (you can also use a transition nude color if you need to clean up some of the crease)
  5. Apply a brightening color for above the crease up to the brow. Keep it in line with the rest of the look. If you use matte you might want to stick with matte but hey it’s your look!
  6. Go over the lid shadow (and crease if you want) with an iridescent shadow. Here I used one that had both pink and purple undertones. In certain light it simply looks like a nude basic look. In other lights it looks like it has pink and still in other it looks purple.
  7. Apply your desired eyeliner in the way you would like. (I actually put the iridescent shadow  on the center of this as well)
  8. You’ll notice that I didn’t really touch the lower lash line. If you prefer you can bring some of that crease color down on the lower lash line but remember to keep it soft. (You might also get away with some of the eyeliner on the lower lash too)
  9. Apply a nude brightening liner to the waterline
  10. Curl and apply mascara as normal
  11. If you want, as I did here you can fill in your brows or redefine them to suit the look

Thanks so much for tuning in for my V-day looks!

What will you be wearing this Valentine’s Day?

I hope there was enough variety for you to have fun this very cold, wintery Valentine’s Day.