So I decided today I would take a break from my excruciating projects for school (Finals of course) and figure out what in the heck I was going to wear to this concert. Normally I don’t particularly stray from what I normally do for a concert. I just dress in what is comfortable and make sure I have a pair of sneakers on with thicker soles (usually skate shoes) so the vibrations don’t kill my back so much. At the same time I’m not usually getting my photo taken (and usually when I am it is hot as hell and I try to look good and the heat doesn’t agree with my hair or makeup anyway). Seriously I am terrible at it, check it out below.
 Back Street Boys (not whole band)
 Maroon 5

So now that you’ve seen my shameful photos I thought hey, I have absolutely NO neon clothes because I’m (A) not a crossing guard or (B) a construction worker…. or (C) a person who runs in the middle of the street instead of the sidewalk or at a park in the middle of the night. ANYWAY, the point is, I have very few super bright clothes but I have TONS of super bright makeup. LIGHTBULB!
I’m not sure if you remember a few years (has it been years?) ago I posted about wearing Rainbow neon eye-liner. I had a few different looks, rainbow, highlighter etc. that I posted to my previous Instagram account.  So yes, now you know where I’m going. I’ll be rocking out rainbow eyeliner like it’s my job.
The products I used this time around differ from the previous ones which you can find at the Rainbow Eyeliner post. 
These are the products I used this time around:
  1. Primed eyes with NYX HD eye primer
  2. Applied Lorac’s Cream shade (Lorac Pro Palette) to the lid
  3. Applied Lorac’s Taupe shade (from the same palette) to the crease and blended
  4. Used NYX jumbo eye pencil in MILK to create my base for the eye liner
  5. MAYBELLINE Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner for the black liner on the part of the base closest to the eye. Leave enough space for the rainbow magic that also needs to utilize the base.
  6. Coastal Scents Creative Me Palette #1 for the rainbow effect using an angled eyeliner brush
  7. Apply flesh colored eye liner to the waterline I used one by NYX (Wonder Pencil)
  8. You can apply the taupe shade to your lash line if you’d like, I did not
  9. Apply silver/glitter liner to inner corner (Jordana) you can also use a pearl or white but I was going for a flashy look with it
  10. Curl lashes and apply your favorite mascara (I’m using Almay get up and grow)
  11. Clean up any fall out mess
  12. Apply brightening concealer if necessary & foundation if your applying (I’m not wearing foundation, blush or bronzer)
  13. (I also used my custom Coastal Scents palette to mix my eyebrow color to darken them up a bit… and by a bit I mean make them visible.)
I may decide to leave the red out of the look when I finally wear it to brighten it up a bit more.  The red darkens it.

Brushes used:
  • Sigma eye shading E55 – lid color
  • Nanshy blending eye shadow – crease color
  • ELF professional concealer brush – NYX white base
  • Nanshy  precise bent eyeliner – gel liner
  • Sigma  small angle E65 – Rainbow look
  • Nanshy angled detailer – brows
And for good measure here is a puppy dog that decided she needed to be in my photos. Apparently she wanted a treat and I was not working fast enough.

Anyone else gearing up for the Demi Lovato, Tampax Be Radiant #NEONLIGHTSTOUR ?

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