First and foremost if you have severe dry skin, please consult your physician because you may need to visit a dermatologist.
    1. Keep showers short, lukewarm & pat dry skin
    2. Use less drying and more moisturize-rich soaps like Dove, Aveeno or more Eco-friendly versions.
    3. Apply moisturizer while skin is still damp. *I use Yes to carrots super rich body butter & the body shop’s Vitamin E intense moisturizing facial cream.  I’ve also had great results with Udderly Smooth products as well.
    4. Exfoliate less and use a moisturizing face mask once or twice a week can help avoid flaky skin.
    5. Invest in wraps or gloves/socks to retain moisture in your hands and feet. I’ve also heard of people using moisturizer on their body and then placing plastic wrap on top for anywhere from 15-30 minutes though I have not personally tried this.


    1. Invest in a humidifier. Cold months = dry air and the dry air is sucking up your body’s moisture. Sleep with a humidifier on; ideally you want between 30-50% humidity in the air. (Need to measure? Use a hygrometer.)
    2. Stay healthy, poor health, viral and bacterial infections can make your skin worse. (Your body has more important things to worry about essentially.) Eating right, washing your hand frequently, more sleep and exercise will help you stay healthier in the cold months.
    3. Ditch stress. (see #7) Stress has been linked to water loss in the body.


  1. Don’t wear wool or other abrasive materials, it’s scratchy and strips your skin’s oils and moisture. If you really want to wear it, put a layer of cotton clothing under it.
  2. Choose products with Vitamin A, C, E and Green Tea (as well as food) will help heal, prevent and reduce skin problems as well as protect against UV exposure skin damage which still happens in the winter (especially when it snows the light refracts and can result in sunburn). Products with Chamomile, Aloe Vera and Lavender oil will also help maintain your skin.
What are some of your winter tips or tricks?