So Kiara has been doing much better. Though I don’t think the problem is gone, but whatever was triggering her is gone. I wanted to make a brief post about Kiara’s and my favorite dog toy. Kiara has a ‘Hear Doggy!’ penguin toy that she drags with her at home. She loves to cuddle and play with it. I love it because I can’t hear the squeaker. Yes you heard me, I CAN’T HEAR THE SQUEAKER.
We all know that dogs can hear at higher frequencies than human beings right? This toy taps into that ability by allowing dogs to play with their favorite squeak toy all day if they want and humans aren’t bothered in the slightest. ‘Hear Doggy!’ has variety of flat and plush toys so if your dog is plush friendly these will be excellent toys for your pup plus they are pretty darn cute!
Here’s what their site says:

“The science behind Hear Doggy!: Dogs can hear sounds at a higher frequency (0 to 45 KHz) than humans (0 to 20 KHz). Tuned to an ultrasonic range in the 24-28 KHz frequency, each Hear Doggy! squeaker is out of human hearing range, but still fun for your four-legged friend.

Hear Doggy! toys are available in 2 plush designs: Stuffed toys(Blowfish, Whale and Penguin, available in small or large) and Flats(Deer, Rabbit and Skunk) come in one standard size and contain no messy stuffing in the body.”

*They have since added to Stuffed(Star small and large), Flats(snake, beaver, orange cat), Martians(green, blue, purple small and large).

I purchased Kiara’s penguin from a local pet boutique (Just Dogs!) but apparently you can get them at Petco, Petsmart and amazon too!

Does your pet love plush toys?