I always enjoy a nice perfume and I’ll be honest, I am a geek and happy about it. So when I was contacted to try out the new Super Playboy fragrances I was pretty stoked. The fragrances are inspired by superheroes and alter egos. I am a sucker for all geek inspired series. Although superheroes are much more mainstream than they use to be. If you attended ComicCon in New York a few days ago you might have seen some ads and maybe taken a photo with a bunny. Anyway, here is a quote from the makers.

“Super Playboy for Him is a super seductive fragrance with the power to turn the chat-up routine into a mere formality with its notes of bergamot, black pepper and woods. Super Playboy for Her will instantly unleash your power of seduction with margarita cocktail, exotic paradise flower and sexy musk notes”

I absolutely love the Super Playboy for Him. Even more my boyfriend enjoys the smell as well. It is a smell that makes me think of 20 and 30 year olds. However, while I still enjoy the smell of Super Playboy for her, I feel it is a much younger smell that I would expect teenagers and women in their 20s to wear. The ‘for her’ fragrance smells almost fruity.

The packaging is cute and the price of these is relatively inexpensive. It runs $16.95 for a 50 ml bottle of for her Eau de Toilette and $15.95 for a 50 ml bottle for him Eau de Toilette at the Playboy store. Which is typical of what you expect a Eau de Toilette to cost opposed to perfume.
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