First I just want to throw this out here. I am IN LOVE with these brushes. I think they are amazing. In this review I’m going to tell you why I’m raving about these brushes that were sent to me for review!
Initially I was unimpressed by the packaging. It looked very cheap, not packaging you would expect $44 dollars’ worth of product to come in, but not all companies go crazy with the packaging. It is just relatively plain black packaging with a plastic insert to keep the brushes in their spot. I mean 90% of the time you are going to toss the packaging. However, 80% of the time when I’m in stores, I will choose a product at the same price range over another based on its visual appeal, a little food for thought. Luckily you won’t really see the packaging until you get it in the mail.

Upon opening the package I was COMPLETELY thrown off, it smelt funny.  I found out it was whatever the plastic that everything was wrapped in was. Once I got rid of the plastic and set the brushes out for a few minutes the smell completely dissipated.  
The brushes themselves are amazing. I’m surprised it only costs $44.95 (via amazon). Though I think this is a perfectly affordable price for people like me who love makeup but can’t afford spending over $100 on each set of brushes. No seriously have you checked the Sigma website recently? They raised their prices.   
These brushes feel very much like my Sigma Mrs. Bunny collection brushes and I honestly think these are a great alternative to the now more pricey Sigma brushes. Plus these brushes are cruelty free and because they are synthetic you can use them with dry and wet products while still are hygienic. I wish these would have been out when I started. I would have snagged these instead of the crown brushes I have that I practically no longer use.
These brushes are more sized like my Sigma Mrs. Bunny travel size brushes and personally I like the size much better. They are travel friendly, not too short. Handle is a nice weight and I don’t have to worry about trying to maneuver with a large brush. There is nothing like trying to do your makeup and smacking your mirror with your brush (Sarcasm of course, I had this issue often with my Coastal Scents/Crown Brushes).

The following pictures are comparisons between Nanshy brushes and somewhat similar brushes from other companies. These brushes were photographed sitting in the containers that came with my Sigma Mrs. Bunny Collection Brushes. I also took these photos before washing my brushes so please excuse any discoloration or gunk you may see.

*Kid sister approved post. My four year old sister says the paint brushes are very pretty.
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Like it or Lose it
PRODUCT : 10/10
TEXTURE : 10/10


Cruelty Free, Vegan product, Soft bristles, synthetic and hygienic. Able to be used with liquid and dry products. Great price, roughly $6.50 per brush. Comparable to Sigma’s Mrs. Bunny Collection quality. Packaging could be better and is literately the only reason they received a B versus an A. It might be nice to include some type of roll or container with the brushes to complete the set or provide two different sets one that includes a container and then just the basic set without.