Between the two of these you may be covered for your eye makeup through all the seasons. Transition colors and a highlight would be the only addition I would suggest. These were purchased for me by my lovely boyfriend who knows my Disney obsession. I received two palettes and the nail polish set which will be shown in a different post. These sets are nice for beginners as well since you receive mascara, eye liners, primer and an eye shadow brush.  Plus the six eye shadows and the lip gloss. Additionally each palette tells you how to accomplish a day and night look. Plus lets be real, the packaging is absolutely adorable.

The eye shadow consistency is very nice. They were all about the same consistency and opacity. The lip gloss is pretty pigmented but I would suggest using it over a liner or lipstick to help staying power. The shadows are shown in the below photos over NYX’s Milk and Urban Decay’s Original Primer Potion as well as without. The order is top to bottom no primer, UD, NYX.

I also posted a photo on Instagram of the walgreen’s display. Some other contributors to the Villain’s collection this year are Ardell (Lashes), SOHO (Makeup Bags), Kiss (nail art) and Scunci (Hair ties).

Have you spotted any other Villain Collections?