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Time for another totally random life event update!

While I’m not generally one to swoon over actors or musicians there is one person who I actually have liked since I was quite young and that person is Jesse McCartney. I originally saw him on All My Children (My grandmother watched it religiously) and then when he started in DreamStreet. DreamStreet was my only boy-band craze experience I never really cared much about celebrity status. I’m generally pretty low key at concerts, though I enjoy going. Whenever I meet a celebrity I just say hi, ask a question or some other mundane assertion. Though I enjoy going with my little sister because she always says something that makes me giggle. (We have a picture of her on Adam Levine’s Lap, whom my step-mother swoons over… I’m sensing a little jealously haha). My sister Jaclyn loves music. She loves concerts, playing music, making up silly songs… she just loves music. She always has.

So back to the topic at hand, in two days I’m supposed to meet Jesse McCartney in New Jersey. Now I’m hoping it’s not one of those stand in line say hi and get a photo meet and greets but hey something is better than nothing right? At least I get to see a private performance! That’s pretty special. Yeah… i’m going to just stop complaining lol.

This guy is inspirational to me. He does a little of everything and tries to stay a grounded individual (With maybe a few lost years when he hit 21). He kept himself in high school despite everything else he was doing, he even played baseball. He writes songs for some big named artists or hit songs (Remember Bleeding Love). He’s had some fashion wows and some fashion emergencies but for the most part this kid has got it together.  Lets’ be honest the guy looks great in a suit and he knows it. Well maybe except for that shiny suit I saw him in last time I saw him in concert… not sure what he was thinking with that one.

So needless to say I’m a little nervous about this concert. It’s been like 14-ish years and I’m really hoping his new stuff doesn’t leave me as disappointed as that “Shake” single he released. I’m really digging the No Worries song I’ve heard clipped but I’m not sure if he’ll be releasing that yet.

Have you heard his new single?
What do you think?
I’m more excited to hear No worries