If you’re in or around Philadelphia and looking for thrifted clothes or furniture you might not find a bigger selection than at Impact Thrift Store in Trevose, PA. The store is located right outside of Northeast Philadelphia and has 48,000 sq. ft. of retail space. Need I say more?

They even have such a huge section of books that they have tables you can sit down and read at (My little sister loves it). You can find so much there and they have an amazing selection of jewelry, electronics, clothes, books and so much more. (No seriously SO MUCH haha).

 I just found out they actually have four separate locations in Pennsylvania.
I can only speak for the Feasterville store but my family actually takes a trip there once a month to check their stuff out. They also have auction items that my mother occasionally bids on. Personally, I am constantly on the lookout for business attire and Impact never lets me down! The other day I got a fantastic Lane Bryant button up shirt for $2.50. Yes please!

Being a college student I think some thrift shopping is in order to save on money. I would have probably paid $30 at least for the same shirt I purchased for $2.50. It’s also a great place to get furniture for those students renting apartments and for people who like to re-purpose items. Most of their furniture is in great condition a little sanding, painting or spray paint and it’s as good as new. 

There are some other local thrift stores that I frequent,
 do you think I should blog my thrift finds?