“In a World Like This” Tour, Boston and Portsmouth

My father surprised us with a trip to see our Great-Grandmother in New Hampshire with a pit-stop in Boston, Massachusettsafter our outing at the Backstreet Boys “In a world like this” tour with Jesse McCartney.  Unfortunately I didn’t get too many awesome pictures because I had to hold my six year old sister up. (I can’t believe the girls wouldn’t let her stand in front of them so she could see but at one point a group let her and I thank those girls.)
The private show by Jesse was awesome, he performed 2 songs and sang the one at my little sister (she got shy and it was too cute). Then after the concert we went to the BackStreet Boys after party and took a picture with them. It was in the same room that Jesse was in earlier, nice little intimate setting. The party went until 1am! It was a crazy night and my sister and I had an amazing time meeting everyone. She is now a Jesse Fan, was playing Jesse’s music in the car on the way to New Hampshire!


Keep reading if you’d like to see the photos from my trip to see my Great-Grandmother in New Hampshire and our stop in Boston along the way. The photos are in chronological order. OH and I may do a review on the hotels.

Fenway Park; Boston
Boston is like the city of Fonts and I was in love with it!


my sister Samantha

my sister Jaclyn and me
Portsmouth, NH’s newly opened bridge to Maine

I have loads and loads of photos, Portsmouth was absolutely gorgeous and I will have to go back! When I got there my immediate reaction was, I need to live here. If you would like to see more photos please let me know, I will upload some to flickr or something where I can attach a slideshow here.

Now I have some reviews to get done!