We had an eventful weekend and this post will have quite a few photos. My boyfriend and I went to Woodstown, New Jersey near his home for their annual parade and spent some time with his friends. I’m such a city girl I was flabbergasted at how many different types of tractors there are haha. I’ve never seen a tractor in a parade before.  

Then we headed back to Philadelphia for fireworks at night. Philadelphia has fireworks at almost every part of the city but I decided to do the same as I did the previous year and join my friend’s family for the fireworks display at the Philadelphia Art Museum.
My friend Nicole and her father

The following day was my sister’s birthday and we had a little get together for that. My sister refused to have a birthday party but regardless it was still nice. 



On Saturday we took the boyfriend’s friends and their little one to the Philadelphia Zoo. Apparently his friend has never been. Seriously, if you like animals and you live around Philadelphia you MUST go to the Philadelphia Zoo! They just opened up the new Kid’s area and petting zoo this past spring and it’s gorgeous. I wish they remodeled it when I was little!



Last but not least my family went to Wildwood, New Jersey for the day for some beach and arcade action. I wish I took a picture of the Monster University Mike Wazowski that the boyfriend won me. It’s super soft and the little guy has braces on, too cute for words. All in all it was a great time. Sorry for the massive amounts of pictures, I tried to only take a few from each outing.
thoughts on the boyfriends new swim shorts?
How was your 4th of July?