Fake Tattoos is a European brand of quite obviously fake tattoos that ship worldwide. They carry both stock and custom tattoos. Many of which are absolutely gorgeous.

I always suggest to people who want to get a tattoo that they’ve had drawn or drew their self they should get a temporary tattoo of it to see if they really like it. Fake Tattoos’ company gives you the opportunity to create your own custom fake tattoos as well as have some realistic looking tattoos you can wear on both your skin and your nails. They are super cute for events, special occasions and photography sessions.  

Fake tattoos sent me some of their nail designs to try out and all of them make your nails look super cute. I tried them with three different sets. The designs lasted for me about 2-3 days if you use do heavy typing or cleaning otherwise they can last up to 10 days. The price runs between $7.00 – $9.00 US at their website.

How to apply:
  1. Cut the item you want to use out of the set.
  2. Peel the clear piece off
  3. Place the tattoo in the desired place (ON DRY NAILS)
  4. Use a wet paper towel or something similar to press on the top of the nail tattoo.
  5. Remove when the paper back starts to move
  6. *Let dry for 5 minutes
  7. *Apply your favorite top coat (two thin even coats)
  8. Let Dry and DONE!

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When was the last time you wore a temporary tattoo?