Photo and Art by The Nail Network

First off I just want to say have you seen the amazing nail artwork by The Nail Network? There is Ariel nail art and OH MY GOODNESS I wish these were pre-made and readily available because I would so rock these lol. I love Disney and the Disney Princesses so of course when I hear Sephora was coming out with another set I was ecstatic.

For a full list of the set details check out Beautezine’s fantastic site. The collection will be released online this month (June) but won’t be in actual Sephora stores until August. Stay tuned, I really hope I get my hands on something from this collection!

I know if I can’t afford it in budget I’m at least buying that mirror. The palette would be my desired item and the perfume bottle is gorgeous! I love Ariel, lets be honest I love most of the princesses. But my boyfriend always jokingly says all he needs to get me is a stuffed flounder and I’ll be like Ariel. Lets be honest, I can’t breathe in water… although that sounds like it would be awesome.

I’m hearing a lot of negativity about the eye shadow palette though guys, just an F.Y.I.

What do you think of the Sephora Princess Collections?