For my birthday I got the Lorac Pro Palette. Now there are quite a number of neutral eyeshadow palettes out there now and the one issue I always have with inspecting them is that they have too many shimmery, glittery etc. Type shadows. I wanted to see matte every day eye shadows and the Lorac Pro Palette is actually the perfect blend of both.

I feel like many of the colors can be used with cooler or warmer shades to complete a look. This is definitely one palette that I could take on a trip and not need any other shades at all. Perfect transition shades, covers night time looks as well as day. It has a matte black which I always find important to top liner.

Natural Look with Neutral Palette

The consistency of the shadows is great but the texture is very strange to me as I am use to lower end makeup. I love it, feels like silk. All of the shades are opaque a few of them match my hands color but my face is lighter than my hands. I haven’t tried them without primer but I know for a fact I fell asleep and the eyeshadow was still in place. There are 8 matte shadows at the top, and 8 shimmery (non-glittery) shadows on the bottom row. (This was of course was my reason for getting the palette.) I purchased mine from Ulta for $42.00 US.

Although for the price I would have hoped the pans were a bit larger. You don’t need much product at a time but if you use it every day you are likely to hit pan in two months maybe more. I use the one shade as a transition and it’s got a fairly large dent in it. I actually stopped using the shade and substituted it with another because I don’t want to lose it already! (I’m totally in denial) The full size of the individual shadows runs at about $19.00 US a pop.

I am quite happy with my neutral palette purchase. I think out of all the ones I’ve seen people talk about this was the one for me and the quality of the shadows are amazing.



This also came with a little tube of Lorac eyeshadow primer.

Top Row: Matte shadows (Cream is the same color as my skin)
Bottom Row: Shimmer shadows
Like it or Lose it
PRODUCT : 10/10
TEXTURE : 10/10
PRICE : 10/10


Probably my most favorite purchase I’ve made so far. The only thing I can say is I wish the shadow pans were a bit deeper but it’s still cheaper than the Urban Decay Naked Palette and in my opinion better.