For anyone who doesn’t know Julep maven is a subscription box for Julep nail polish costing $19.99 per box. (June Nantucket It Girl Box)

So here’s how the process went down:
I went to the site and finally found a box worth starting for so I put it in my cart. Upon ordering I had some issues with the site keeping my item in the shopping cart. Then I ordered all was well. I ordered an additional item, quick dry drops for the $4.99 price.  I received my tracking information. The shipping was rather slow compared to what I’m use to but I didn’t wait weeks to get the product either so I don’t think I can complain much about that. It is shipping across the country. When I received my box there was only one item in the box, with one order and the rest of my order was not on the invoice. There was also a note in the box that said to join as a maven so you can imagine my confusing as I had been charged for a maven box and subscription service.
Naturally I immediately contacted their customer service whom didn’t get back to me for I believe at least two days. While I understand that companies are extremely busy if they are making this much money to be this busy they need to hire someone to be able to contact you back within 24 hours. Any longer is just annoying, but this is my personal opinion. Even companies who custom make your product contact you within 24 hours.
But anyway, I received my maven box the next day or the morning after.  For some reason they shipped two orders for faster delivery but only gave me one tracking number and said it was already delivered when it wasn’t so that would have been fun if they actually didn’t send it and trying to explain that they royally screwed up would not have been fun. (So glad that didn’t happen.)

 It was cute, the little salt water taffy’s were a nice touch (and delicious).  The polish colors were gorgeous, opaque and perfect together, amazing nautical colors. I also love that they have the swatch me stickers on the top of each lid though I found it a little amusing since it’s on the lid with the brush. I used a q-tip to swatch them.  
  • Nan – Nantucket red crème
  • Char – Nautical Navy blue crème
  • Bess – Baby blue crème (FAVORITE)

Anchor is a product [Sponsored] will be covered in future post.
Now oddly enough, I cannot recall hearing anyone mention the smell of the polishes unless this is new.  Nan simply smelled like polish where Bess smelled almost sweet like a faint cotton candy and Char would have been my favorite if not for it smelling like a skunk. Luckily the quick dry drops smelled of lavender and masked most of the Char smell.  I have no idea if this is normal or not. I assumed so since Bess also had a smell as well but I was extremely disappointed in Char.
I’m really not a negative Nancy but I told myself if Julep didn’t win me over by the second box I would cancel. The colors are gorgeous but at $20 I’m expecting better quality since it’s supposed to be a deal box of their “amazing” polishes. I’m a girl on a budget and if this isn’t an absolutely amazing deal I’ll spend my money elsewhere.

The second box should be on its way as I write this. I will review the second box but for this one its an A for color and an F for smell. 

What are your thoughts on Julep products or service?