Determining your face shape can be somewhat tricky since we all have different shapes and sizes but here are some things you can use or do to help you determine your shape:

  • Use a large enough mirror so you can see your whole face.
  • Put ALL of your hair back out of your face
  • Take a photo or better yet have someone else take it for you.
  •  If you are taking your own photo be sure you take it level and far enough from your face to get a good photo.
  • Draw on your mirror the outline of your face you can do this with eyeliner, lipstick, whiteboard marker or anything else that will wipe off 

You can use the flow chart below to determine your face shape.

Below are the detailed characteristics of each face shape:
The reason we should know our face shape is because it helps us determine what shape our eyebrows should be, what makeup works best (Contouring and Highlighting), what style hair cut we should get, what type of sunglasses look best on us and many, many more aspects. In the future I will address many of these issues and help you find out just how to handle them!
If you have anything to add or have questions feel free to comment below!