First I would like to discuss the price because as a general bargain shopper that I am, I always either look for sales or products that are inexpensive with great reviews or recommendations. These palettes run for $8.95on the website and let’s be honest, we know we can get them cheaper because Coastal Scents practically always has an awesome sale. (Best Time to buy? Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales of course… Oh and the 4thof July sales are usually pretty good!) You get 12 dime size shadows for this price and the compact includes a large mirror. A cute aspect is that each palette represents a different city.

The quality of these shades depends on the individual palette. I only had a problem with one or two of the shades and I believe that was due to glitter or what looks like glitter flaking the shadow off when rubbed.  They feel great. Not as amazing as a Lorac eye-shadows silky feel but still quite good. The pay-off for almost all of the colors is amazing but the Paris palette seems more opaque then the London one. (The London one is also the one that I had the flaking issue with.)

I love that the website actually shows you a swatch on different skin tones and gives you prudent information about each shadow except they do not have names like the hotpots.

Looking back I would have probably preferred the Beijing palette and Cairo to the palettes that I purchased they just seem more universal. However I chose London because it contained matte shadows. I especially love that the Beijing has highlight colors as well. This is the one downside to a number of palettes, they do not have highlight or deeper crease colors. If they each had a highlight this would been solid palettes to have.

If you decided to purchase a Go Palette I would suggest Cairo and Beijing for Neutral every day wear. I would probably never purchase Nuuk or Sydney because I already have great colorful makeup and I don’t see them as palettes I would pop in my purse and use on the go.

I know that a number of people were asking for correlating Hot Pot identification for these palettes but I’ve found out they don’t have one. Below is the information I requested from Coastal Scents.

“Thank you for your inquiry. The shades found in our finished makeup palettes are specific to the individual palette. Unless a diagram is offered we do not cross-reference those shades to our other palettes or Hot Pots. However, we do offer an array of shades in our Hot Pot section, which may be comparable, however the Go Palettes do not have correlating Hot Pots. We trust this was informative”

Here are the photos and swatches of the products:


Like it or Lose it
PRODUCT : 8.5/10
TEXTURE : 8/10
PRICE : 9/10


Ultimately I think each palette is made for a different person and while many might choose the neutral palettes they appeal to a number of people, are priced appropriately and are purse friendly.

That being said, I feel like two shades in the London came off inconsistent and somewhat chalky.