So if you haven’t heard Disney is releasing a movie by the name of Oz the Great and Powerful and clearly in the title you can tell what its about and boy am I excited. To make it even better Urban Decay and OPI have released Oz collections!

The movie is released one day before my birthday on March 8th. It was originally going to be on my birthday but personally I think this works out better for me!

The Urban Decay palettes (here) are GORGEOUS at $49 a pop including the lip product. I personally am dying to get my hands on the Theodora palette all the colors I use regularly or well similar colors. The Glinda palette has more fun and innocent colors. The packaging looks amazing and the great thing is it looks like they are the pop out pans that you can put any color in and reuse your palette.

Now I did mention that OPI also has a collection out.

OPI included a liquid sand in its line I’ve attached a video below to explain about liquid sand polish if you haven’t heard of it or seen it in action yet.

Overall the colors are prettyย neutral with some glitter here and there. While I’m sure they are amazing colors I’m not overjoyed by them. I don’t generally use these type of colors. Although the colors are lovely.

The movie it’s self reminds me of something Tim Burton would make and I’m really hoping it lives up to the hype. So far from seeing Wicked live to the old Wizard of Oz movie I haven’t been let down so it has big footsteps to follow.
How Excited are you?
Check out the Trailer: ย