I complied a list of 100 aspirations and things I want to complete. Some of these have multiple parts. I’ve always been a very quiet person and I’ve generally viewed life through a window. The last few years I have been putting myself out there more and more to experience more of life and I love it. While it will take me much work to get rid of my fear I think this lovely list will help me reach my goal of being Happy, Healthy and the person I want to be.

I encourage everyone to at least write a list of things you would like to do. It may help you realize things about yourself you didn’t notice before. Plus it’s loads of fun!

This now has it’s own little section on my blog and I will add posts here updating my progress every so often.


(C) = Complete

If you’re going to dream, dream big!
  1. Learn to Drive, safely (C)
  2. Get My License
  3. Get a Cook or Baking Book and make everything in it from scratch
  4. Get in shape and lose weight
  5. Finish my Associates Degree (C)
  6. Learn to eat healthier
  7. Make a list of things I like about myself and tell myself them every morning
  8. Make a year in pictures Album
  9. Have read every book that I own
  10. Go on a romantic picnic
  11. Make some type of clothing (sew)
  12. Stay the night at a fancy hotel
  13. Watch 100 movies I’ve never seen before that came out BEFORE 2012 (5/100) in one year
  14. Get my room decorated exactly how I want it
  15. Have a candlelight dinner
  16. Walk on the beach at night (C)
  17. Learn Italian
  18. Write in a journal every day for 3 months
  19. Learn how to play the guitar, violin or piano
  20. Go to a museum/gallery/historical place once a month for a year
  21. See the Northern Lights

  22. Name a star
  23. Get my own place(C)
  24. Buy a tablet (C)
  25. Buy a great SLR camera(C)
  26. Finish my Bachelors degree(C)
  27. Go to a film festival
  28. See a breathe taking view and capture it
  29. Learn to be more confident
  30. Reach 1,000 blog followers (311/1000)
  31. Get a good job using my degree (C)
  32. volunteer with habitat for humanity
  33. de-clutter my life
  34. Buy a car
  35. Grow a garden
  36. Take a dance class
  37. Learn to use/make Flash Animation
  38. Stay at a quaint bed and breakfast
  39. See a ballet
  40. Go hiking
  41. Be kissed unexpectedly
  42. Travel to Italy
  43. Have my own business
  44. Take my Siblings on a vacation trip
  45. Ice skate on a pond
  46. Make my own Nail polish
  47. Make my own Jewelry
  48. Move out of the city(C)
  49. Be Happy
  50. Travel to Puerto Rico Again
  51. Have a photography portfolio
  52. Stay in love
  53. Make a profound difference in someones life
  54. Remain true to myself, no matter what
  55. Pay it forward every day
  56. Do an advertisement design for a very large company
  57. Eat a macaron in Paris
  58. Visit a castle in England

  59. Read an entire book under a weeping willow tree
  60. See the Redwoods in California
  61. Get Married
  62. Visit all 50 States
  63. Go snorkeling 
  64. Go to Australia
  65. Resume Kick boxing
  66. Learn to say Hello in 50 Languages
  67. Choose a country and learn not only the language that is spoken there, but also study its customs, its cuisine, its art, and its history.
  68. See all of my favorite bands in concert
  69. Live in a foreign country for six months.
  70. Build a innovative mobile application
  71. Go to a Spa/ Retreat
  72. Spend a night at The Myrtles Plantation
  73. Learn my family history
  74. Have a pond
  75. volunteer at an animal shelter
  76. Go to Blogworld
  77. Eat at an undersea restaurant
  78. Learn a new word every day for a year
  79. Write in a journal everyday for a year
  80. Save three dollars a day for a year
  81. See the sun rise on the East Coast and set on the West Coast on the same day.
  82. Go to the hockey hall of fame
  83. Go to a bonfire on the beach
  84. Face Fears: Ride the Ferris Wheel
  85. Make a big donation to charity
  86. let go of a floating lantern
  87. Go to an Ellen DeGeneres show
  88. Have a Paint fight
  89. Sleep under the stars
  90. Learn to scuba dive
  91. Visit a small town where everyone knows each other’s name
  92. Randomly give my mom a dozen red roses and tell her how much I love her
  93. Write a fan letter to the person (living) who inspires me the most
  94. Plant a tree
  95. Be someone’s mentor
  96. Stand under a waterfall
  97. See a hot air balloon race
  98. Spend New Years in another country
  99. Write a novel
  100. Work with Chimpanzees
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