So I’ve probably had this stuff for about a month, using it constantly. I can give a few mini reviews. If anyone wants a more in depth review on something please let me know.
I purchased a few things however almost everything was from their Sale section. I really wanted to try as many things as possible on as little as possible. The only thing that was regularly priced was the eye shadow primer since I have been running out of mine from Coastal Scents I figured I would try this one. Even though its like $10 more expensive *dies* I wanted to see what the hype was.

At the time I purchased they had the 3 samples if the price is over a certain amount so I got the cheek tint in quickie, mascara and All Nighter spray. I purchased the eye shadow primer in Eden. The 24/7 eye shadow pencil stash, sparkling body powder in marsh mellow which I LOVE the smell of it! The Book of Shadows IV. What made me want to get this besides it was priced at $29 the portable speaker was too cute to pass up… man i’m a sucker for electronics.
The yellow toned is the eye primer in eden, more pink is the original. the mascara is the widest and the black line is the liquid liner which comes with the palette.


This stuff smells soooooooo very yummy no lie. I think this is nice for a night out in the summer. It’s very fine but gives a sparkle. I wasn’t sure how I would like it besides how it smelled and I actually enjoy.


These stay amazingly well even when not topped with a shadow. I’ve even been able to use the on the water line. Pretty swell for supposing to be a lid color.


 Not that I have any other palettes but this is super cute. You can really tell how much effort is put into making every part come together from the quality to the packaging. Sorry for the crazy way I swatched it. I should have done it differently lol couldn’t get them all in the same photo! The swatching goes from left to right by row.
If you would like a more in depth review on anything mentioned please post below! 🙂