Well firstly, this review is for people with Dry skin or who may get Dry skin in the colder months as this product can be too much for any other skin types.

This is one of my very first purchases from The Body Shop, and the reason why I keep going back. A little back story, for years I suffered from overly dry flaky skin, most noticeably on my face. I always hated facial moisturizers because I would have to put them on a number of times for it even to moisturize my skin.

With this product I only have to apply it once (usually right after my shower) soaks right into my skin leaving it feeling baby soft.

I have been using this product since late January early February and just last week went and repurchased (even though i’m STILL not finished the last container, but just about)

I am totally a believer in this moisturizer, and super happy I’ve finally found one that works. It also seems to help prevent flakiness as well. They have other day and night creams in this line but the intense I use for both Day and Night.


  • Container lasts a while even with being used 1-2 times daily. (Approx. 4 months for me)
  • Relieves dry skin including flakiness and itchiness
  • Retains moisture throughout the day
  • Amazing in the winter months, don’t even worry about dry skin at all!
  • Not heavy on the face even though it is a thicker cream


  • A personal preference but I don’t like that its in a jar, I’d prefer a tube. I hate getting it under my nails.
  • Not good to wear it in the summer or when it is very hot but that can be expected if it is suppose to be highly moisturizing
  • Has a slight floral fragrance which may linger. To me it is very faint and does not bother my skin at all. But it is odd that they would give it a smell.
  • It costs $20 for 50 ml (48 g).
You can find this product at The Body Shop store or online at thebodyshop.com.
Like it or Lose it
PRODUCT : 9/10
TEXTURE : 10/10
PRICE : 6/10


The Product lasts very long and is great for winter use. Be aware of the fragrance, using your fingers to get it out of the container and that it may not be good for summer use. It also does not contain any SPF. The body shop has a lot of great sales and I recommend purchasing while on sale, the regular price is kind of high.