So I was super duper excited yesterday becauseeeee I received the giveaway prize in the mail that I won 🙂 Miss B of was kind enough to host a giveaway for MAC lipsticks. (Her current giveaway: here)The two I received in the mail were Viva Glam V & Ravishing. Going to be honest, I kinda see the hype. I loveeeeee the Viva Glam lipstick and Ravishing totally brightened up my face I almost looked like I was glowing! I’ve never owned a MAC lipstick, to be quite honest I only own one other MAC product which is an eyeshadow in sketch. But I haven’t had a bad product yet (3/3) lol. WAHOO.

I use to think MAC was overly expensive and while it is somewhat for budget buyers like myself, its much LESS expensive compared to many high end brands. So lets say it again… WAHOO! lol

Here are a few photos I took yesterday afternoon:

                                 Viva Glam V                                       Ravishing

Just so you all know i’m totally not bragging about winning, was just super excited about getting my first MAC lipsticks I HAD to share some swatches!!

What’s your favorite MAC Product?

Hey all, don’t forget to regularly check the giveaway page. It’s constantly being updated with current giveaways that other bloggers or vloggers are hosting.