So lets call this try two with the holographic nail polish by HITS called Artemis. First off, still totally obsessed. (I used this last time over 3 weeks ago, my posts are a tad bit out of order.) Can’t wait to get a few colored holos. Old trend, new trend, I so don’t care this is like a party on my nails. The pearly pink is Sally Hansen’s Insta-dri in Mauve It which I purchased last year. Topped with Milani’s nail treatment top coat.

The downside to today’s nails, I was hoping to have my nail stuff from ebay already. so unfortunately, no nail art. 🙁

But Nail art and stamping coming soon AND we get to see this lovely happiness on my nails since yet again, today is a dreary foggy day here these nails lift my spirits even if they look pastel!

I have my scholarship interview today, totally super nervous, wish me luck! <3

What’s your favorite nail polish brand?