Going to be entirely honest, I do NOT know what I was doing when I took the swatches of this color and I sadly did not do it justice. I will however be using this color again in some nail art that I’ll do so hopefully it will do it better justice.

On all of my nails I wore Hit’s Artemis which is a silver holographic nail polish and super adorable. It looks A-freaking-mazing in the day light. I had a number of people either tell me they liked it or stared at it when I had this color on. I am eager to put it on again but since I force myself to wear a polish for about a week (helps me see how long it will last) I haven’t quite been able to make it back to this polish yet. HOPEFULLY it will be sooner then later. I think Holographic nail polishes are so fun, and yes it probably has to do with the fact I was OBSESSED with holographic wrapping paper and gift bags since… forever? lol

I purchased this from Ninja Polish.com (Hits Artemis found here) I used two coats and topped my ring finger with a random glitter polish from forever 21, (not going to lie I don’t know where the bottle is and haven’t a clue what it was called but it had pink and silver hexagons)

By the way I tend to post things completely out of order.
Have you tried any Holographic polishes yet? 
What’s your current favorite polish trend?