So I got the latest Lush times in the mail the other day and finally got around to reading it today. As I’m flipping through (p. 42-43 for anyone who gets the paper) I read about these bars, and at first I just scanned the page the bottom of the first page caught my eye because the color of the characters hair was different. I was like WAIT A MINUTE lol…

So basically what these bars are, are temporary hair color treatments that are non-damaging. Considering I never dye my hair (short of that one time in high school where i attempted to have my bangs dyed….electric blue. No judgement lol)  I had never heard this before and my mother always uses those box dye jobs when she does her hair. So I’d totally give this a try if I didn’t love my hair color but I think it’s fun that you can experiment with color and not have to worry about damaging your hair.

These bars run about $25 on the LUSH US website. (here) LUSH currently only has four colors to choose from. They say the color should last about 6-8 weeks before it starts to fade but can last a fair decent amount of time in someones hair depending on their hair type. Also, they point out if your going from blonde you might want to dye it red before going darker because what does yellow and indigo make? GREEN. Yep don’t want that to happen!

Another point they like to make as you should with dying your hair any color is to do a strand test before applying it to… lets say, your entire head!

My word of advice…
Check Lush’s site before even buying the product and see how it works and if you think its for you. $25 is a lot to spend on something if you decide not to use it, or worse it turns out bad. Be sure to know what your doing because there are a few steps to know.

The process does seem a little time consuming and super messy but it seems like a safe bet to try this over something else.

click image to see full instructions


Has anyone ever tried any of the Henna Hair Dye’s from LUSH?
(or anywhere else, since I don’t know if its their exclusive or not, though its pretty interesting its in a bar form.)
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