A little bit of IRL and the reason why I have been struggling to remain active these last few week. On Saturday I graduated from College. This is from the Community College of Philadelphia, which has over 17,000 students and which of those 17,000 > 2,000 of us graduated. Yes, they called 2,000 names individually. It was very nice but at the same time, I do plan on graduating with my bachelors so I kind of hope the next school I go to either has a small class or graduates everyone at once lol. We were there from 9:00AM – 2:00PM and I was hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Anyway, they did a lovely job, everyone was very happy, the students were all pretty much pleasant. My family came, or well my families, My mother came with my stepfather and my mom-mom, my father came with my step-mother, half sisters and my uncle and then my best friend Nicole came with her father (who I call dad) and her sister. It was fun!

I’ll tell you one thing though I don’t know how some people held on so long while people were talking, the only time the place was quiet was when the student speaker gave his speech, there was one professor who spoke for a half hour?! The good news is we had time to snap photos before we all got bombarded at the exist and lost one another in the crowd (fellow graduates I mean).
The photo on the right is my friend Derek, my hair is crazy of course there had to be humidity lol. Graduation always seems to throw those curve balls at you but I’m moving on up! haha. Most of us actually decided that we would all meet up this week/next week and celebrate because we were celebrating with our families.

Speaking of which I went with my mother, stepfather and mom-mom to Dave and Busters after graduation which was a nice change of pace because I was utterly bored out of my skull at graduation lol. Played some games, I wish I had my mothers camera and the photos on there because she took a photo of me all dressed up playing house of the dead lol, a purse in on hand a gun in the other. Maybe I’ll get a hold of it and upload it to twitter or tumblr sometime this week.

After Dave and Busters and getting our game on, we went back home to drop of my mom-mom, she said it was nap time lol, and went all the way to Collegeville, PA to a movie theater called Movie Tavern (Movietavern.com > Collegeville) basically this place is somewhere you can order food and eat in the movie theater. They also had a full bar and tables and such in the lobby area as well. To me it’s crazy that this place is actually cheaper then the price of tickets where I live and you get these amazingly comfortable chairs, you don’t have to worry about people bumping into your knees and the best part you can eat any kind of food in the theater. I decided on a cuban sandwich with sweet potato fries because I was craving some sweet potato fries lol. I’m really happy with my experience and will be, on occasion, going back there.

I didn’t get to look too far but in the little shopping area near the theater there was a Ulta and a Charming Charlie. My mother got something at Ulta, the NYX products I wanted they didn’t have in stock. I got a little small wallet sized with an arm strap at Charming Charlie, which is an ADORABLE store by the way. I love how its color codes. I didn’t really have too much time to look around but it seems they have a lot of fun and cute purses if you don’t mind items that aren’t name brand. The wallet opens up with a few slots for cards, a pocket for cash and a side for your ID. Also in the back of it, it has a spot for your phone! I paid about $10 for it. (I think a little less actually)

Another thing is I painted my nails Yellow, but I will do a separate NOTD post for that one. The color is very interesting and I picked it because it was similar to the school colors. (of course I had to go with a theme lol)

My mother bought me a graduation present, a necklace that I happened to see and said it was pretty, she went and bought it lol. I think it’s lovely. Silver with small diamond chips in it. It’s like a key. The chain is very long, about the same size as my pocket watch necklaces. It looked really good with what I was wearing!

All in all, I had an amazing day, everyone was happy. I haven’t had such a good day in such a long time and even with the fact that I still had finals I had a great time. I’m glad I decided to experience it and didn’t just have them mail my diploma and call it a day. I’m proud of my friends and what they have accomplished.
So even if you didn’t decide to read this I’m still glad I posted it because I want to recognize the wonderful people I’ve had the privileged of knowing and sharing memories with these past two years. It was definitely a growing experience for me and I will be better because of it.


I’m suppose to be going downtown for a city wide throw your cap event with the Mayor on Friday. YAY!