While I know this is quite similar to my Travel bag because lets face it, I only carry about 2 products in my purse on regular. (Lipstick/Gloss and eye liner) we’ll call this an updated one. I decided I would do the Blog Hop via BlogLoveTherapy. You should check out the hop. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway in general I am a over-packer and this stuff is just for one night. (Imagine if I was gone for a week!)

The bag it’s self is from IKEA (UPPTร„CKA Toiletries bag) costs just around $6.00. It comes in 5 colors, I just so happened to like the off-white color the best. (I’ve been on a cream/white-ish kick for going on a year!) I love this bag because the mouth of the bag opens so wide it is so easy to find what i’m looking for in the bag. This bag is much larger then my usual travel bag (for 1 day use) because I do try to force myself to bring less with me lol.

Eye lash curler from E.L.F. which costs just $1.00. (I like it better then my Revlon one)

Handsanitizer by Bath and Body Works. Back before christmas the outlet near where I live had them on sale for .33 a piece so I got quite a few of them, though I did use a few of them as stocking stuffers.

Mini Oil-Free acne wash by Neutrogena that I got in my stocking at christmas time. We have a larger version in the bathroom. I haven’t even opened this little guy. I don’t get a lot of breakout issues usually.

The clear bottle is makeup brush cleanser, because I don’t like the idea of leaving bacteria and shadows etc.. on my brushes.

Urban Decay 24/7 glide on pencil in Stash <3 which came with an order I placed from urbandecay.com.

Next is Benefit’s BAD gal lash which is black and I’ve posted about before as well as High beam.

The Body Shop’s Vitamin E intense moisture cream for very dry skin (face) $20.00 I usually try to get this on sale or with a deal.

Mini version of the Yes to Carrots body butter which was probably about $2.50-ish. The 8.45 oz can be found at walmart for close to $13.00. This is great for cold or dry weather, very moisturizing.

A small file that came in something I got for Christmas from Bath and Body works and a regular triangular sponge applicator.

A wrong bottle of perfume lol, the scent that is in that bottle is actually Wonderstruck. Kind of messy to get it in there too.

A wet and wild eyeshadow in Nutty which packaging is messed up thank you Walgreens for your ridiculous stickers on packaging.

Eyeshadow Primer – Shadow worx the Matte on. Its $9.95 at coastalscents.com.

EOS balm in Lemon <3

Fresh sugar tinted lip treatment which I got from sephora for the birthday gift.

Finally a little travel Sonia Kashuk eye brush kit and a sigma blending E25 brush. Which is actually a treat because I enjoy it more then my blending brush from Crown brushes.

Additionally, in my travel bag

  • FCS’s Berried Treasure – Bubbling Bath Crystal’s sample
  • John Frieda root awakening shampoo & conditioner samples
  • dove ultimate go fresh in cool essentials
  • colgate toothbrush & aquafresh toothpaste
  • At boyfriends : e.l.f. makeup removing cloths ($3.00) & bath and body works shower gel in white citrus


My goodness that was long LOL