The kit was $9.99, likewise the palette was $9.99!

So last week my friend and I headed over to Marshalls. A little bird told me about TheBalm products being sold there (and by a little bird I mean Rianne). There wasn’t much there however near the checkout line I found a few more Items. I decided on the Blue Eye Kit and the Shady Lady Palette.

The Blue Eye Kit came with two shady lady shadows. A green called “all about alex” and a brown called “racy kacy” (Racy Kacy is in the palette as well, can’t go wrong with a gorgeous brown though!), A overshadow in a gold-ish color called “No money, no honey”. The idea with the overshadows is to put over your regular shadow and give it an extra pop.

I think that many of the eye shadow shades are pretty on the shimmery pearl side but this would go great with some of my coastal scents shadows or even well with my MAC shadow in Sketch. Put the overshadow on top of a cream color… YUM!

Next there is a mascara “Cheater!” which is suppose to be a black volumizing mascara. This is the only thing I was disappointed with but I’ll eventually have a post comparing different mascaras. Last but not least in the kit is an eye makeup remover that is a oil/wax called Balms Away. This actually works pretty darn good, I still think I like my ponds better but this is great also! No complaints with it and it says it should take 30 seconds and to be honest it seems to work immediately for me on my skin.

The Palette has gorgeoussssssssssssssss colors. The only one that has glitter in it, it seems is guilty gwen. When I was in Marshalls I thought they were chalky because I found three of them that were basically destroyed and looked chalky but when I found the one that I got that wasn’t touched I was pleasantly suprised at how smooth these are and I love the packaging. It’s like cardboard, ecofriendly look however it isn’t cheap feeling. I adore it. I also like that they make a point to mention which colors could be used as liners. Which could help people who are just starting out. Additionally these can all be worn wet for a more intense look though they are already pigmented, and very user friendly. <3 If you haven’t gotten your hands on these you definitively need to try it!



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