You know what I always wonder, how much more money do we pay for these added features that they put on some products. I purchased my first Milani baked blush in Corallina (almost $7, Walmart). What made me think about this is the fact that I also have a L’Oreal blush which came the same way. Personally I never use these little brushes they come with and I can’t remember if I’ve ever even used the mirror that comes with it.

Does anyone know how much extra these hike the price up from manufacturing or do you prefer using its that have a mirror and applicator with it? 

As far as the color it is very pretty, the consistency is good but I don’t particularly like the fact that it looks like there is glitter or sparkle stuff in the blush. I haven’t worn it yet so I’m not sure how long it lasts but I can let you know in an update. Who knows maybe I’ll fall in love with it. I also got a Top coat which I’ve never used any Milani polish so I figured I’d just grab a top coat since I needed a new one. (almost $4, Walmart)

Do you like Milani Products? Want to try any?