I decided I’d redo my nails since they were chipping away and breaking sadly. I can always tell when I’ve had an overworked week when my nails are mostly broken by the end of it! SAD FACE

Anywho I decided to use my Revlon nail polish in whimsical. I also used Sally Hansen’s hard as nails xtreme wear in white on under Whimsical. On both of my ring fingers I used China Glaze’s Dress Me Up. Two coats of everything! Whimsical gives the white on color a more softer look and it looks delicate and lovely. I picked it for Easter because I had someone tell me last month or so at school that it reminded them of Easter eggs. lol Adorable!!!!

Ria from Ria Loves Pawlish actually did a review on the nail polish back in February which is where I saw it at (I can’t recall where I saw it before then) so Thank you Ria!

Total side note, I went to see The Hunger Games again. It honestly felt like it took FOREVER this time to get to the game but I guess that’s because I was specifically waiting for that part of the movie lol. My friend Derek wanted to see it so I went with him. We discovered that we need to visit that part of the city more often!

Thanks for visiting, Talk to you all soon!