Today we are looking at a polish by Hit in the Mari Moon Modern Set which is a green multi-chromatic polish. I purchased it through Ninja Polish [here] at $7.00. This was my first purchase through the website and once it was shipped it was quite fast.

This polish brightened up this dark cold and gloomy day for me with its vivid fun color. I’m not sure about the longevity of the product since I just received it today but if anyone is interested I can let you know next week.

Had I known I was going to like this polish so much I would have purchased one of the sets. There are also different shades and tones and the purple looked just as lovely!

In the bottle it looks more blue then green but looks more green in these photos, perhaps its the roundness of the container since it is a reflective kind of polish and the color depends on the angle.

Have you ever used one of these polishes or something similar? 


Have any polish recommendations? let me know!