Oh yeah so, considering my day tomorrow consists of Driving lessons at 8:00AM (SUPER NERVOUS) and a series of meetings and a overall hectic day at work so I will not see The Hunger Games movie until tomorrow night. But that doesn’t mean I can’t start getting ready now.

So I couldn’t exactly decide on a color to paint my nails, I wound up picking three spring time colors (Luxe and Lush, Dress me up, and Fast Track) and pairing it with a dark color (Smoke and ashes). I might look crazy but no one can say I’m not excited for the movie! lol

I used four polishes from China Glaze from the Hunger Games collection. Smoke and Ashes is on my ring fingers.Fast Track is on my thumbs and Dress me up is on my pinky finger, middle and pointer of both hands topped with Luxe and Lush. Light airy feel with a little bit of mystery! That’s what I’ll say…. YUP!

You should totally check out this video by   on youtube who created Katniss’s Side braid. Not going to lie I’ve been wearing a side braid a few times a week lately. Maybe it’s my excitement of the movie, maybe it’s spring but I think this is still a fun quick hair style.