So I decided to post a video while I created my new Brush holder. I’ve been using my brush roll and quite honestly I don’t think that I want to keep all of the brushes in there especially since I keep accumulating more brushes. The Items I used were all from A.C. Moore which includes:

  • The Glass or container of your choice
  •  rub on decals which can be used on any hard surface
  • popsicle stick, fingernail, coin anything that you can press or rub these decals off and onto the surface of your container
  • some type of filler (look for fake floral arrangement fillers in bead form)
  • siccors, knife or box cutter
  • Optional: Tape
Be sure that your glass is clean of any debris. Cut out  the desired decal. (Be sure to read the packaging instructions first as some may differ) remove the plastic when you have decided to place the decal into place. You can use tape if it is a larger piece if it will help steady it for you. Be sure not to secure the tape TOO tight however or you will have difficulty removing it.
After that just rub the entire decal onto the glass or container. I would suggest doing this is good lighting because you will see where you still need to rub and what has already transferred.
pour the filler in but don’t over do it remember your brushes will make it rise some.
Now you have your own custom brush holder that I’m sure was a heck of a lot cheaper then trying to get a custom one online! You could even add some ribbon or three dimensional details to this as well. Get Creative!
 Do you do arts and crafts? Have any ideas? 
Let me know if you try this!! 🙂