So recently, I’ve gotten quite a few things here I will just share a few. I may do a video soon when I can manage to figure out why my camera keeps distorting the image 🙁

Anyway so recently, I went to the Cherry Hill Mall (my new favorite mall by the way!). Which I was excited because they have quite a few stores that I absolutely love. (Even if their Forever 21 doesn’t carry the + collection.)

I paid a visit to Sephora and this is the first time I’ve EVER bought anything there because the one down town here is always soooooooooooo packed I never want to stay there too long. I’m always money conscious so I only bought sample versions of products this time around.

I’m in LOVE with the tarte blush but I knew I would be. It’s a very beautiful as long as you don’t use too much. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

The next thing is the Fresh brand Sugar lip treatment/ tinted treatment duo sampler which they give out for birthdays. (Yes my birthday is soon! Friday actually 😀 ) it smells amazing yummy but to be honest I would never purchase this on my own. I feel that my EOS lip balm in lemon does a better job at keeping my lips hydrated. Maybe I don’t quite grasp the product but if each individual one retails at $22.50 you are out of your mind if you think I’ll be purchasing that lol. But needless to say the packaging for the product is cute and I like the way you have to twist to open so there is no fear of it opening in your bag. Plus I can’t complain because it was FREE. lol.

The last thing I got at sephora was the little trio sampler from benefit called FULL GLAM AHEAD! which includes their high beam highlighter, stay don’t stray primer, and bad gal lash mascara. I’ve tried both the high beam and the bad gal lash mascara and while I do like the mascara I’m not much a fan of high beam. Perhaps I haven’t used it right but I think I may have liked my elf highlighter more then this one and that might sound crazy but so far I have. However, I’m not much for highlighting as I don’t do face makeup too often but it is nice to have some. I’m sure eventually I’ll be telling everyone how much I love the product and found the perfect application method but until then it’s an OKAY product. Now I don’t particularly like the mascara formulation but I ADORE the brush applicator. I still enjoy how flexible my lashes are with my almay mascara so I suppose I am a tad bit picky want it gets right down to it. As far as the primer, I’ll keep you updated. I plan to do some testing once I’ve gotten my hands on a few more brands of eye primer.

Actually, before I went to Sephora I went in LUSH cosmetics store which I seriously don’t remember being there last July (which was the last time I was in Cherry Hill, NJ) but none the less I went in. I had a lovely chat with a man and a lady that were working there they told me how some of the items work and what they are used for. (Also a first for LUSH lol) I wound up only getting one thing simply because I was sooooooo overwhelmed by all of the items, smells and everything. The one that I decided on was actually one that the girl showed me and just so happened to be my absolute favorite scent (Lemon, YUMMY!) it’s called Dragon;s Egg and is apparently one of their popular bath bombs. It fizzles and cackles in the water like pop rocks or is it pop rocks? I don’t remember. It was around 5 or 6 dollars.

Las but certainly not least, my revlon colorburst lip butters in 025 Peach Parfait and 065 Creamsicle. The Creamsicle is mostly creamy, thus i’m sure the name. But the Peach Parfait has some glittery pearly something going on there. It’s not over done and still looks nice on the lips. As most balm type things I don’t find them to last particularly long on my lips but no less then my EOS lip balm. The color isn’t extremely opaque but there is a fair decent amount of color and they are VERY hydrating, and of course the packaging is sleek and cute. I’ve had the Peach Parfait for a few weeks now and I have not had any issues at all with it coming open in my bag so I’m happy about that. If you want to see swatches of this look toward the swatch section of my blog I will try to get those up tomorrow 🙂 since the sun isn’t out anymore.

What’s your favorite Store to shop at for Beauty supplies?
 Have you used any of the products above?
if you want to view the products more closely click on the image 🙂