Probably my lease knowledgeable topic. To be completely honest I don’t really use foundation often. Once in a while I will, if it is a special occasion. But all in all I don’t really have dark spots or acne issues. I do however have very dry skin so if I was to wear foundation on a regular basis at this point with not knowing a lot about foundations it would not pan out well. For all of the items in the photos my most used would be my BB Cream second would be the Revlon Photoready which I really only use when I know there will be a lot of pictures being taken.

I have not used my Loreal mineral makeup in quite a while, I just suppose I enjoyed the BB Cream more. As far as the packaging for that you can tell it could possibly be a reason for not wanting to mess around with it. No offense Loreal, but how about you just give me the foundation leave out the annoying brush and charge less. As for the ELF tinted moisturizer. We do not get along. It is far to dry for my skin so unless I mix it with something it’s just not going to agree. It also seems to look a little dark on my skin even in the summer. (Not that I get that much sun anyway lol) Which is sad but you can love everything from every brand so oh well. Perhaps they will re-formulate in the future! When I sent for my samples of Lioele products I was also sent a ton of samples with the two I paid for. Many of these samples as you see in the top picture I have not tried. Not all of them are foundation/ BB cream samples but still, I enjoy free samples. 😉

As far as application, I mostly just use my hands with the BB cream. However, with the Revlon Photoready I will either use a stippling brush, flat foundation brush (avoid streaking!) or a damp sponge which seems to work the best.

Top with a powder and a setting spray if you need to!

The Loreal product and Revlon photoready were purchased at the drugstore. E.L.F. tinted moisturizer was purchased on their website however, you may be able to find it at your local Target. The Lioele waterdrop BB cream was purchased at and ships to the U.S.

As far as how I feel about foundation, as of right now, I’m better off without it. But always willing to try something new!

If you have any tips, tricks or foundation advice or questions feel free to comment!