I briefly looked into what the beauty industry is doing about animal testing about a year and a half ago. Then for whatever reason I didn’t look again. Recently I looked up on a personal blog and saw some company names on there that shocked me. So I think it is time for a serious post.

Almost all of the skincare products that I use, almost all of them are on the bad list. Companies like Dove. Aveeno and Neutrogena. I almost had a heart-attack. While the majority of my makeup is cruelty-free a few things like my L’Oreal foundation that I never use or my Maybelline eye studio master drama liner that I absolutely love and use quite often are on the list. I’ve heard some things about other inexpensive products that are cruelty-free. It amazes me that so many of these products still are on the list. Hopefully in the future they can move away from this. I am disappointed in these brands.

As of last night I pulled the pdf files off of PETA’s website that lists a bunch of brands that do test and that don’t test. While I don’t like PETA and probably never will because they portray many views of animal welfare to suck people in and most of the people involved are actually animal rights activists. However, they have a undeniable point with these. There is no reason we should be testing cosmetics, which are not necessary to life, on these creatures.

Link to pdf of Companies that Do test

Link to pdf of companies that Do Not Test

I wish we could have all of the companies on that do not list. But I understand that some of these companies are on this list because of government regulations. While others are on it because they test on animals across the board. This is super sad that in this millenia we are still treating animals this way.

Also just to be clear I am in no way an animal rights activist. I do support animal welfare as should everyone. But in my opinion there is no real reason cosmetic companies should be testing on animals still in this age. Science has evolved.

  • So what do you think about this?
  • Do you use any of the Brands on the Do list?
  • Do you plan on writing them or stop using the products? What are your views?